Monday, October 5, 2015

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, 1990, Staring Debbie Harry, Christian Slater and William Hickey. Directed By John Harrison

Monday, October 5, 2015
Woah, Hey there every body, sorry about the impromptu hiatus. I appreciate you all being so understanding. So let's jump right back into it!

I was feeling like I wanted to watch something fun but gory thins week, and when the "new for you" popped up on Netflix, right there was the perfect solution, "Tales from the Darkside:The Movie".

It's no great mystery I love movies that are several stories all rolled up to one. And this one has a special place in my heart, since the witches kitchen reminds me of Mama Midnite's kitchen back home, right down to the green cabinets and the dungeon... ok not the dungeon, that's more my thing, but still. Speaking of the witch, this movie has such incredible casting.

Debbie Harry, Christian Slater, Julian Moore, Steve Buscemi, Christian Slater, William Hickey, and that list just keeps going. I really enjoy how they just keep popping up through out the movie.

The first short is based on a Arthur Conan Doyle story called "Lot 249". Lets just say it boils down to college, gore, and mummies with a nice ending.

Of course, between each story it goes back to the wrap around with the kid and the witch, which makes me so happy. I adore how nonchalant she is talking to the kid about how she is gonna roast and eat him, no big deal.

The second story is my favorite, of course it is, it has a cat... and not just any cat, a rather demonic one. This one also have amazing physical effects and a decent amount of gore, including a cringe worthy scene toward the end. One gripe with the effects in this one, which would only be something I would notice or even care about is all the scratches have 3 toes, cats have 4 toes with a due claw they use really well, I have the awesome scars to prove it haha! It wouldn't matter to most people though, so just me being a weirdo. It does of course have a great moral, don't do anything bad to 5000 cats or they will send one to get revenge.

The third story really has the most awesome effects, they did save the best for last. The gargoyle is a work of art! Also the story is really interesting and has a fantastic twist! I sadly can't say what my favorite part is with out ruining the story for some one who hasn't seen it, but it has to do with the kids.

If you love physical effects, 90's movies, and multi-story plot lines, check this one out!

Until next time!