Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Again? Why did you not update for so long?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
-Is what I am assuming you are all saying, if you are even still here to read this in the first place.

Well, the be honest, I am very burnt out. Captioning the show took up far more time than I ever thought possible (up to 18 hours per week) which is fine, but when you watch the same movie for 18 hours, it makes you never want to watch any movie ever again.

That being said, after captioning a movie, and possibly writing for the show, the last thing I felt like doing was watching ANOTHER movie and writing about that for my blog. In addition to that there have been other things that have been draining, just little things that keep happening that are just exhausting. We moved to Channel 8 proper so people with dish could see us, and now due to some kerfuffle, they cannot. We added the kitchen segment to help take up time, which it does, but ingredients cost money, which is in limited supply... blah, blah, blah, the random tedium goes on and on.

Please don't get me wrong, I still love making Midnite Mausoleum. It just get's a bit repetitive after 7 years and change. Myself and Blake have been mulling over our options and trying to figure out some new ways to "breathe life" back into the show, or should that be breathe death?

I am on "vacation" from the show until the fall, and I am hoping by then I will have more drive again for M.M. related things. I am still making all the scheduled appearances I promised I would, because after all, the only reason I am still making M.M. at all is because of all the amazing people who (should that be whom? I need to buy some books on how to speak english and grammar) I have met over the years who truly love watching the show. It was never about the money or the "fame", in fact, I have no want of fame. I am shy and like to sit out in my garden and eat lettuce, because apparently I am the human reincarnation of a rabbit. When I say vacation, it always has quotation marks around it because even though I am not actively writing and recording new episodes, I am still taking care of orders, helping design things, watching movies that might be in episodes next 'season', and various other M.M. related things.

With all that aside, now that I AM on 'vacation', I will be updating here much more often. I am sure you have noticed there have been many cosmetic changes around here. I am still working on them. I need to take new photos of myself, green hair and all that, I just have not found a good time yet. I also have added some new categories to the blog: 'girly reviews' and 'plants', I figure that since I buy things (mainly cosmetics, I am garbage at clothing) and garden on a daily basis, it should give me some things to write about.

There will probably be more also in the future as I continue to work on my fantasy book I have been working on for, I don't know, about 8 years at this point (that sounds amazing, trust me though, it is mostly because I am constantly questioning if I should even be trying to write in the first place rather than that I am the next J.R.R. Tolkien or even the next Stephanie Meyer... Yikes, I hope it isn't that girly. Credit where credit is due though, even though I am not a fan, she has written several books which have made her mega money, so if nothing else she knows what people want and she delivered.) And also, I am attempting to start a little weekly 3 panel webcomic about my cats (with some heavy artistic license).

I may or may not also do some book reviews. I generally read rather fluffy books, since I have plenty of drama and conflict in my day to day life, however, if any one has any books they think I should be reading that involve: Horror, steampunk, supernatural, gothic, sci-fi, victorian era, or comedy send me an email at Ms.M.Midnite@gmail.com. My current favorite authors are Gail Carriger and A. Lee Martinez if that helps any, and bonus points if it is available on audible, because then I can listen to it while I package orders and drive all over the place.

So now you have a little window into my mess of a brain. I hope you are all doing well and summer is treating you awesomely. Thanks for sticking with me, if you are still here.

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  1. Hi Kiddo. Always nice to read one of your blogs. I do have some books, ect..to send you and Robyn that I hope you both will enjoy. I hope you have a great "vacation" and enjoy yourself. Keep awesome, Marlena.