Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chawz (Chaw or Chawu), 2009, Staring Won-young Choi, Tae- woong Eom, and Seong-kwang Ha. Directed by Jeong-won Shin

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
I am not sure how the entire month of January managed to sneak by me, some how though it is February so, even though it isn't Monday I thought I will post a movie review. The other day I signed up for a streaming horror channel (or app, I'm not sure what it is called really) called Shudder, and I can tell you if you enjoy various forms of horrific movies, it is well worth the $5.00 a month, and from what I have gathered each month there are different movies (and I don't mean like 5 different movies, there are A LOT.) That being said, because of that, I hopefully will be posting more movie reviews here. I am going to preface this review by informing you all I am and have been ill for a couple weeks and I am on some pretty serious medicines, so if this gets rambley or disjointed, I am very sorry.

With out further adieu, let's talk about the movie. Today's movie is Chawz according to the cover of the DVD, Chaw according to Shudder, and Chawu according to IMDB. No matter what it is titled as, this is an Asian monster movie through and though, quirky comic relief, seriously angry monster over baby theft (and roasting of his lady monster), and of course some really determined people. I am getting ahead of myself. I am going to say right here that if animal cruelty or hunting is a trigger for you, this is probably not going to be something you should watch, the opening credits are pretty gruesome mashup of what looks to be hunting videos, there are several scenes depicting people eating animals in various states of butcher, and they do eviscerate a hog. All that being said, although I care greatly for animals, I also spent a great deal of my young life on a farm or hunting, so, I easily made it though. Furthermore, this movie has subtitles, so you will be doing some reading unless you happen to be fluent in Korean.

When I first decided to watch this movie, I was also not aware it was a horror comedy. I thought it would be all business, monsters killing and eating people, laying waste to towns and villages, and while there is some of that, there is a lot of slap stick comedy also. The first scene after the credits, is police men repeatedly falling down a hill. To be fair it does look like a pretty nasty hill but not that bad, the theme of bungling police officers seems to be a theme through out the film. I am not really the familiar with South Korean anything, but I think they are making fun of the police, also a few times they poke fun at people who eat organic food, and while I could be offended, I am far too lazy and just thought it was a strange thing to do. Again, some of the nuances in this movie left me scratching my head. I would say easily for the first 45 minutes, I was left wondering why I was still watching, BUT keep watching, it gets good after that... and a bit zany.

They did do a very good job at keeping me guessing, there was one scene where I totally though "uh oh, monster vision, that chick isn't going to make it..." but then she did... well sort of. You will see. Also there are some things that just were out of place, but definitely added to the over all whimsical features of the movie, things like a telepathic dog, a whiny guy getting repeatedly injured but never killed despite other people having one of those things happen and they are totally dead, a crazy lady with a doll who I still have no clue why she was even there, and a wandering grandma.

I was very interested to see the vast array of scenery they had and used, all the sets were very realistic, and I enjoyed all the adorable little Asian vehicles. There is one scene that is confusing with mostly american vehicles, but I just chalked it up to them being imports.

The CGI for the giant boar is actually really well done, so well done that I am not sure it is actually all computer generated, there might be some physical effects thrown in for close ups, like its ridiculously scary pig teeth. When it is running it looks decent though, I was pleasantly surprised that it looked so realistic, I suppose after the last couple movies I watched and their down right ridiculously bad CGI, something better had to come along.

When all is said and done, I would say give this movie a watch if you are into horror comedies, Asian horror, or monster movies. Also if you want to feel like you are in the movie it couldn't hurt to have some Korean barbecued pork handy to chow down on! Beware of that piglet thought, you will see what I mean.

Thanks for sticking with me, 'til next time!